DOSA is proud to offer best-in-class high-pressure polyurethane processing equipment. Our high-pressure metering systems provide immense flexibility to support your polyurethane processing and dispensing needs. With two specific models available that serve as the foundation for customization as well as a host of ancillary and support options and upgrades, our high-pressure metering systems have become the polyurethane processing equipment of choice for organizations that expect uncompromising top-of-the-line performance, accuracy, and reliability in their polyurethane production environment.

DOSA High pressure dosing machines are designed for industrial use and for any productivity need. They are equipped with a full range of accessories, to maximize control and to guarantee a correct operation. Designed and developed to dispense all kinds of polyurethane foams. Our Dosing machines are easily meet any production requirement, with all in one frame, they are ideal for newcomers who are approaching the high-pressure technology.

Our polyurethane processing equipment is available in a variety of configurations and outputs, with metering systems capable of shot sizes ranging from a low output of 0.5 to 10000g/Sec variable ratio between 1:5 to 5:1 and processing capabilities of up to 200Bar/2900 PSI. We also provide industry-leading auxiliary equipment focused on helping your organization achieve increased up-time and reduced material and operations costs.

As an option, it is provided the supply of inverters for the endless output and ratio variation. DOSA High pressure foaming machines are suitable to process polyurethane foams based on HCFC’s, HFC’s, HFO’s, methyl format and water blown with or without co-blowing agent.

The most advanced Korean-made polyurethane machine on the market.
Modular block building design allows for extensive customization.
Output of 0.9 kg/min (1.6 lb./min) to 680 kg/min (1500 lb./min) at ratios from 1:5 to 5:1.
Can be integrated with robots, turntables (small/large), or conveyors.
Can become part of a continuous process line.
Environmentally responsible, energy efficient, and operator friendly.
Extensive standard features and numerous optional upgrades and features.
Supported by a best-in-class warranty and repair program

Model Pump size (cc/rev) Output Range (g/sec) Application
ISO POL Ratio 1:1 Ratio 1:2
Min Max Min Max
TMIX 12/12 12 12 40 130 55 95 Rigid, Flexible, Semirigid
TMIX 12/28 12 28 150 600 110 920 Flexible
TMIX 28/28 28 28 75 500 270 920 Rigid, Flexible
TMIX 55/55 55 55 350 2400 530 1800 Rigid, Flexible
TMIX 107/107 107 107 1000 5000 700 3700 Rigid, Flexible