DOSA is an emerging brand name in the PolyurethaneEquipment industry worldwide.

DOSA is one hundred percent Korean company. DOSA is a prominent international supplier for various industries in the world such as automotive, refrigeration & sandwich panels.

DOSA infuses the expertise and gives a high-quality service.

DOSA ‘s engineers have more than three decades of experience of producing the equipment of High-Pressure PU foaming machines, High Pressure Mixing Heads, Turn Tables, Mold Careers, Car Seats, Car headrest, Dashboards, Steering wheel, Continue PUR/PIR Sandwich panel production lines, refrigerator production lines & more.

DOSA engineers has experience work with world famous CAR and refrigerators OEM’s worldwide.

DOSA is specialized in following products. High Pressure PU Mixing Heads, High Pressure PU foaming Machine & systems, High pressure PU A2VK metering pumps, Automotive interior production system including oval & Table lines, Refrigerator (Door & Cabinets) Production line, Continues & dis Continues Sandwich Panels Production Lines.