DOSA’s technology that designs and builds complete lines for the production of panels with continuous method.

The system is composed of different groups of machines and equipment, specialized in a specific production function. Each item of equipment has its own autonomy that allows to modulate and size the groups and consequently the system itself. Every line, every group, every single item of equipment is developed according to the customers' needs, to the specifications of the product to be achieved, to the raw materials to be used, complying with finishes and productivity.

DOSA has not only the cold roll forming technology, but also foaming technology and rock wool whole line technology. The key technology of foaming system and the mirror flat sandwich panel is superior in the field.

The whole PU & Rock/Glass Wool sandwich panel production line includes:un-coiler, steel panel lifting device, filming and cutting device, ribbing device, main forming machine, steel panel connecting device, steel panel pre-heat equipment, rock wool system, high pressure foaming machine, side seal device, double-belt conveyor machine, heating device of double-belt conveyor, automatic tracking band-saw, output roller path, panel cooling system, automatic stacker, wrapping machine and so on

The technology includes installations for the production of continuous panels with both rigid (pre-painted galvanized steel, aluminum, etc.) and flexible (tarred paper, aluminum etc.) outer surfaces, as well as a combination of flexible and rigid surfaces. The single panel can have an inner core of polyurethane foam, phenolic resin, mineral wool or polystyrene.

DOSA continuous systems are a value-added business solution for the production of continuous panels, the result of a consolidated experience in designing and building plants for the processing of polyurethane.

Surface Material Color Steel, Stainless Steel, Mortar Paper, Kraft Paper, Non-woven Fabric, Aluminum Foil, etc
Core Material PUR/PIR or Rockwool/Mineral Wool/Glass wool
Surface Material Thickness 0.35~0.8
Panel Width 600~1200mm
Thickness of Sandwich Panel 30~200mm
Production Speed 6~8m/min at 50mm Thickness of Panels Depends on Chemical composition
Effective Length of Double Belt 20~30m Depends on Production conditions
Type of Heating Electric, Natural Gas, Diesel, Steam Heating system
Heating Temperature 50~75℃
Foaming Components 2~6 Components
Foaming System PUR/PIR & C Pentane Supporting.
Power Consumption 280~350kW
Required Floor Area 95~115m / 8m / 8m